Top 5 Best Diabetic Foot Cream Reviews – 2020


Diabetes is a serious ailment that can result to various foot challenges such as ulcers and small ulcers that can lead to amputation in the future. The disease can restrict the flow of blood to the feet and damage your nerves. For this reason, you need to take exceptionally good care of your feet by wearing top diabetic shoes, examining your feet daily, and other foot care. Additionally, you need to add foot cream for diabetics in your daily routine so as to promote the health of your feet.

After spending 2 years trailing diverse foot cream for diabetes, I found these 5 to be the best in relieving diabetic foot pain and keeping your foot healthy. If by any chance you’ve a horrific experience using any of the cream, kindly drop me a message on “Contact Us” page and inform me the issue you faced.

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5 Best Diabetic Foot Cream

1.Best Overall: O’Keeffe’s for Healthy Feet


Okeefe’s foot cream is the best rated diabetic foot cream. It takes the 1st spot in our review due to its tons of features and positive reviews offered by many of users. The lotion works faster compared to other creams and you will get to see the improvements in your dry feet in a few days.

The good foot cream for diabetics heals, relieves, and repairs tremendously dry and cracked feet. It creates a shield layer on your skin surface boosting the levels of moisture and preventing further loss of moisture. As far as you can apply the foot lotion to exfoliated skin after birth and at bedtime, you will get your dry feet moisturized.

The lotion for diabetic’s feet contains a high concentration of glycerin that aids to keep your skin hydrated. O’keeffe’s feet cream has increased levels of Allantion that assist to penetrate rougher and thicker surface skin on the feet. Thus, it is able to work faster to help your feet regain its health.

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2. Best Diabetic Foot Cream for Dry Skin: Gold Bond Diabetic Foot Cream


Gold Bond diabetic foot cream is one of the most trusted brands in the market today. The diabetic foot lotion is perfect for diabetic individuals with dry skin.

Most diabetics will experience cracked feet, skin and heels that can often result to pain. It is a perfect pain reliever cream if you experience cracked skin. The diabetic foot pain relief cream is created with 7 healing moisturizers to restore and control the ideal moisture levels in your skin. If you apply this cream twice a day for some weeks, your feet will be in great shape again. Also, it will assist your skin radiant and looking incredible as it contains vitamin A, C, and E.

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3. Best Diabetic Foot Cream Neuropathy: Eucerin Diabetic Foot Cream


If you’re on a budget and you need cheap diabetic foot cream for your feet, this is the best choice for you. Eucerin foot cream is an efficient foot lotion for your legs and you will obviously get relief from using it.

The best lotion for diabetic dry skin is specially formulated to leave your skin feeling healthy, comfy, and hydrated all day long. Most of diabetic patient agrees that the product is efficient in smoothening rough skin. Thus, the eucerin cream for diabetics leaves your dry, peeling skin well repaired.

The eucerin diabetic lotion is fast-absorbing and this guarantees you quick results. If you need to get the best result, ensure that you apply it immediately after you take a bath. Also, it ensures that your legs remain moisturized for 24 hrs. For those with diabetic neuropathy, you can try buy a foot massager for neuropathy to increase circulation of blood in your feet.

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4. Best Foot Cream for Diabetic Neuropathy: Topricin Foot Pain Relief Therapy Cream


If you’ve diabetic neuropathy, you need a fast pain relief. Topricin diabetic foot lotion helps to heel the pain in your feet, legs, and ankle particularly for people experiencing peripheral neuropathic pain. Further, it can heal sport injuries such as leg cramps and plantar fasciitis.

The diabetic foot cream circulation is also effectual at treating several skin conditions of the feet such as itching, dryness, joint pain in the feet and toes, and cracking of your skin. Also, it heals swollen feet and ankles. For diabetics, the foot diabetic cream will lessen stiffness, swelling, tingling, and numbness.

Why should use this diabetic foot cream for diabetic neuropathy?

It is deep penetrating and offers a fast and long lasting solution. Thus, you can be able to get rid of the pain swiftly.

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5. Best Diabetic Foot Cream for Cracked Heels: Miracle Foot Repair Cream


It is time to say goodbye to cracked heels. If you have these dry, cracked, and itchy feet, you should try the Miracle Foot Repair Cream. The diabetic leg cream is proven and efficient in treating cracked heel.

The miracle diabetic foot care cream is made of 60% Aloe to end cracked, dry, and itchy feet. The cracked heels are known to cause diabetic foot pain to many people. Nonetheless, this foot pain cream for diabetics has assisted millions to repair their troubled feet. It offers immediate relief and may treat your troubled feet forever.

The aloe vera foot cream is made of a unique formula that helps the natural ingredients to penetrate deep and help eliminate the pain. It relieves itching, cracking, dryness, and repulsive odors.

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Factors to Consider when Buying the Best Foot Lotion for Diabetics

With the invasion of numerous diabetic foot creams on the market, it is hard to distinguish between a genuine and a fake product. For any diabetes product, you need to be careful before you make a purchase to avoid further risking your health. For this reason, you need to ensure that you but the right product and that’s why we have taken time to do in-depth research on various diabetic cream available on the market. Here are the main factors we considered when we were writing our reviews.

i. Ingredients

The ingredients used to manufacture the lotion are of paramount importance. It is the most essential factor to consider when deciding on what brand of foot cream fits your feet. Diabetics have different skin, some thick, rough, sensitive, etc. There are creams that will work on certain skin type and not others. That is the reason you can find a user leaving a negative review because they didn’t buy a diabetic cream lotion manufactured to their type of skin. Some common ingredients include;

  • Mineral oils

The reason why most of the diabetics have dry skin is due to lack of sufficient oils in their body that would assist to keep the skin oily. Oil is an essential ingredient in any perfect diabetic foot lotion as it helps to moisturize your skin. Most common mineral oils that exist in foot creams consist; eucalyptus oils, Glycerin, tea tree, lavender, jojoba oils, bergamot, and geranium.

  • Water

It is a critical ingredient in numerous creams for diabetic neuropathy. Most diabetic skin is dry and cracked as a result of lack of water to keep your feet hydrated. Thus, many diabetic feet lotion cream contain water as a key ingredient.

  • Acids

The foot of a diabetic is prone to injury as opposed to the foot of a healthy person. The reason for this is because of nerve dysfunction that slows down the feeling of pain even when it hurts. The job of the acids in the feet cream is to kill bacteria and stop the feet from infection. Other acids act as curative agents for feet with cracks and injuries.

ii. Formulas

The foot cream diabetes is made using diverse formulas that are invented by the brand specialists and health experts. The formulas contain special ingredients that are meant to solve strange feet challenges. Before you buy a certain diabetes foot cream, ensure that your skin will not be negatively affected by the cream.

iii. Skin Sensitivity

It is significant to understand that people have different skin type, textures and tones. For this reason, different top feet cream will work differently on a range of skins. It is important that you seek a doctor’s recommendation if you’re not sure about what works best for your feet.

iv. Physician and Client Reviews

Before making any purchase, it is vital that you review opinions and review of others particularly the dermatologists that helps you to but the best cream for your feet. Also, you can rely on reputable websites to get reviews that can assist you to make informed choice. In case you bump on client reviews of any product, make sure that you read every review of the diabetic foot lotions creams before making a purchase.

Tips for Diabetic Foot Care

  • Use diabetic foot care products for comfort and support
  • Utilize diabetic insoles for additional support
  • Check your feet daily for cracks, wounds and sores
  • Never put your foot in hot water to check the temperature
  • Ensure your feet is dry to lessen the chances of getting skin infection
  • Never attempt to walk barefoot even in the house.
  • Wear recommended diabetic shoes, slippers, and socks
  • Perform low-impact exercises that don’t place much pressure on your feet
  • Regularly see a podiatrist for foot examination and treatment
  • Try to control your blood sugar levels and avoid diabetic neuropathy
  • Avoid smoking to increase chances of wounds healing and enhance circulation
  • Use a diabetic foot massager for neuropathy to increase blood flow in your foot and legs

Frequent Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

a. Why do I require a diabetic foot cream?

Diabetes can cause dryness and skin cracking, particularly around the limbs. The dry skin is prone to skin ulcers, blisters, injury, and other infections. The diabetic foot care dry skin is highly vital to ensure that your feet are hydrated, healthy and protected against infection. For a foot that is injured, the cream will assist to relieve pain.

b. Can I use any form of moisturizing cream that is not meant for the feet?

No. It is not advisable because the skin has different texture and thickness. For example, the skin on your feet is thicker than that on your face. Thus, if a cream is meant for your face, do not have the necessary formulas that allow deep skin penetration as the facial skin is not too thick. If you’re diabetic, you will need feet cream that specially designed to deal with the specific foot challenges.

c. How do I use the cream?

Different foot pain cream for diabetics come with diverse application and directions. There are others that are best applied before you sleep or just after having a bath. Read the instructions for each cream brand that you buy for quick an appealing results