Reasons to own a Foot Massager Machine for Diabetics


Patients with diabetic neuropathy often experience a lot of pain as well as discomfort in their feet. However, having a proper diet and foot massage done by professionals can help reduce this. Most diabetics with this condition may not be diagnosed hence it is very important to understand this. The doctor will help you understand everything about diabetic neuropathy and the importance of proper foot care.

The reason why you should properly understand diabetic neuropathy is because if you are diabetic, then the level of your blood sugar will be high. This will damage your body’s nerve fibers including those of your legs, feet and hands, thus, neuropathy.

Signs of neuropathy:

-Burning and tingling


-Weak muscles



-sharp pain

-Sensitive to touching

Proper foot care

It is very important that you clean and moisturize your feet as this will help in prevention or treatment of neuropathy. Use mild soap with warm water and ensure you do it properly. Once you are done, make sure that you dry your feet and hands with a soft towel properly especially in between your toes.

Apply a moisturizing lotion when completely dry to prevent them from cracking as this may attract germs that may cause infections. Coconut oil can be the best lotion since it is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, thus, provides maximum protection against infections.

Ensure that you also trim your nails straight across. Soak your feet first in water for them to be soft before trimming. Avoid using sharp trimming objects and do not trim all nails to prevent being easily injured by external objects. Also, ensure that you wear recommended diabetic shoes to protect your feet from injury.

Benefits of foot massager

If you are a patient with diabetes, then cases of foot problems will be high since you will have high blood sugar level. This results to diabetic neuropathy which if not well treated then it may lead to foot amputation. Having foot massage done by a professional can help prevent or reduce this. If you cannot manage to visit a therapist, then you can buy a foot massager to use at home. Immediately you arrive home, remove your slippers then rub your foot soles to help ease pressure and aching feet. Massaging your feet will also help improve your blood circulation thus reducing pain and inflammation. This will help in treating neuropathy.

During massage, the brain release neurotransmitters known as endorphins that will improve your mood. You can also visit a therapist who can massage your limbs for nerve ending stimulation. Doing this reduces the chance of developing neuropathy. In case you have been already diagnosed with diabetic neuropathy then it is important that you regularly visit a massage therapist to ease pain and any stress. Apart from physical damage, neuropathy can also affect you emotionally that’s why having foot massage is essential to help reduce the level of stress.

There are foot massagers that have been designed for home use, to help you relax and have pain reduced at the comfort of your home. We have reviewed the best massagers you can use at home. These foot massagers have been tested and found to give a soothing vibration that makes your muscles strong and improve circulation. Its invigorating disks helps to do this by penetrating and squeezing your muscles. You can get the best and affordable foot massagers from us and have the best calming times of your life whenever you are home.

Why you need a Foot Massage Machine if you’re a Diabetic

Having a diabetic foot massager is the best thing if you are diabetic since you can carry out the massaging on your own and at any time. Once you are home, you can remove your shoes then take your foot massager and do it at the comfort of your seat. However, sometimes you may not be able to afford it and going to a massage therapist can be more expensive. This is why we have outlined some tips to carry out a foot massage at home by using readily available products.

Unlike an ordinary massage, foot massage calls for having enough knowledge to be able to do it perfectly. It is always easy to give a massage if the feet are only aching but can be different for patients with ticklish feet or a deformity. The good thing is that by learning few tips, it can be easy to do it on your own without the services of a professional.

There are basics you can learn for you to have the best massage. Reflexology is a therapeutic system important to understand before carrying out a foot massage. In this case, pressure is applied to the reflex points in order to ease any discomfort. This gives ideas to do massage easily even without special knowledge. The process is simple and gives outcome immediately to help you have the comfort and soothing feeling.

Ensure that your hands are strong enough to do the job. Then you can take a towel and massaging oil. For an affordable cream, you can use sorbolene only of it is for a quick massage since it cannot be easily absorbed. Wash your feet first before starting the massage. This will make you feel comfortable while massaging.

Step by step Massage Techniques

-Oil your feet then rub them by using the palms to spread the oil

-With one hand holding the heel, hold your forefeet with the other one then twist it clockwise and anticlockwise.

-Move the toes up, down and sideways while massaging between your toes.

-Use the thumbs to massage the soles in circles then knead them with the fingers

-Grab your foot, toes facing you with the thumb on bottom and the fingers on top then lift the joints up and down

-Use your palm to massage the top but do not apply a lot of pressure on the bone.

-Once you are done, you can rub all over the foot.

If you have diabetes, you can learn this and perform the massage on your own especially if you are flexible enough to bend or reach your feet when raises. In case you cannot be able to perform the massage on your own, then a close family member you are staying with can learn this in order to help massage your feet. However, if there is no one to help then you can buy a foot massager since you can personally do it on your own. Also, ensure that you wear diabetic socks to boost circulation of blood in your feet.