Foot Massager for Diabetics

People living with diabetes are more likely to have foot problems if they fail to take care of their feet. Luckily, most of the foot complications can be avoided with proper foot care. Proper foot care helps to identify any foot problems before they become serious. The best foot massager will help to improve the circulation in your foot and reduces numbness and other severe complications.

High blood sugar can cause damage to the blood vessels leading to a reduction of the blood flow to the foot. The poor circulation can weaken the skin causing the formation of ulcers and harm wound healing. Among the diverse types of foot problems that can be caused by diabetes include calluses, athlete’s foot, ulcers, and even amputation. Therefore, you need to increase the circulation of blood in your feet by performing frequent massage on your legs.

How does a foot massage help your foot?

Having a foot massage daily for 15 minutes will lessen the level of stress and enhance the circulation of blood. An increase in blood circulation can hearten cellular consumption of glucose and enhance the utilization of insulin. Also, a good foot massage for diabetics will aid to restore the functionality and sensation of the nerve in a diabetic individual. Generally, the foot massage has a soothing effect that aid the body to relax and restoring harmonic organ balance for a more relaxed and painless body. Due to the advancement in technology, it is important that you buy yourself an electronic foot massager for diabetics that will ensure that you can have your massage and reflexology at the comfort of your home. The article has researched 5 best foot massagers for diabetic neuropathy.

Best Foot Massager for Diabetics

1.Best Overall: Foot Massage Machine Shiatsu Massager For Diabetics


If you’re looking for a top quality foot massage, this is the best choice on the market. It is important that you trust the comfort of your feet with this superior massager even if it may cost more compared to other low quality uncomfortable diabetic massagers.

This foot massager machine for diabetics is easily adjustable to ensure that you’re comfy during the massage. It has multiple settings that feature air compression massage and rolling ball massagers that helps to stimulate the flow of blood and increases circulation. The use of this massage machine helps to lessen swelling in feet and legs.

The shiatsu foot massager has the ability to help you reduce stress by massaging the bottom of your feet with heating and pressure making you receive optimum relaxation. It has a sturdy construction that ensures that the pressure points in your feet are worked on to soothe tired feet and relieve tightness.

What we loved about the foot massager

  • Adjustable comfort
  • Dual massage features
  • Elegantly designed
  • 100% warranty

2. Best Circulation Booster: EMS Foot Circulation Device


EMS foot circulation device is a foot massager good for diabetics. It has proved to be among the best booster for circulation. The numerous reviews and client experience shows that they get the required blood circulation in their legs.

The foot massage transmits tiny electrical waves to stimulate legs and feet. For maximum efficiently, it also utilizes FAR infrared technology to warm the muscles that deeply penetrate to enhance leg and feet circulation.

The machine has four extra medical-grade electrode pads to areas that are hard to access like your hips, thighs, upper legs, and lower back. It actively stimulates your body muscles and boost circulation to relieve pains and aches.

What we loved about this massager

  • Easy to use
  • EMS techniques
  • Quiet and noninvasive
  • Portable remote control
  • FDA approved

3. Best Foot Massager under $100: Nekteck Foot Massager


If you’re on a budget or you don’t want to break your bank, this is the best foot massager for diabetic feet. The cheap diabetic foot massager will only cost you under $100 and it will offer you the much-needed service.

The best foot massager for diabetic feet has a heating function that helps to reduce or relieve foot pain. It is also act as a relief for tired feet especially for people who work all day in retail. The massager is effective in relieve pain in muscles that are fatigued leaving you relaxed.

This awesome machine has a versatile design that amazingly eases tensions, relaxes muscles, and ensures that blood flow is regulated. While using this foot massager, you’re guaranteed of comfy as it has adjustable height features that can be modified depending on your convenience and preference.

It is easy to operate as you don’t need to bend down as you can simply access the power button using your toe. The gadget is portable and you can carry it to the office or home with ease. Also, wearing diabetic socks assist to increase circulation on your feet.

What we loved about the foot massager

  • Adjustable comfort
  • Cheap
  • Versatile designed
  • portable
  • Easy to use

4. Speedy Foot Massager: MedMassager MMF06 11 Speed Foot Massager


MedMassager is considered as a powerful electric massager due to its speed. The machine delivers about 1,000 to 3,700 RPMs, and you can select from 11 speeds. If you’re looking for a verified pain reliever, then this is a perfect selection for you.

The foot massager is an efficient tool against severe foot pain. It has a full-sized oscillating foot pad with arch-bar and a surface that targets pressure points. With its ergonomic shape, the foot massager is capable of ensuring all target pressure points are reached for pain relief. The foot pad works hard to ensure that there is proper circulation of blood in the feet and legs.

It has a sturdy construction and comes with a kit to utilize on tiled floor and hardwood. The top foot massager is mostly used b doctors to assist to stimulate circulation in both legs and feet. It has been for a long time been used by neuropathy and diabetes to ease pain and promote healthy flow of blood.

Also, people who suffer from plantar fasciitis, high arches, and flat feet are advised to use this machine. The nodules that cover the surface of the foot massager aids to hit all the pressure points on the soles of the feet with ease.

What we loved about the foot massager

  • Variable speed
  • Ergonomic shape with pressure point targeting surface
  • Sturdy construction
  • Full-sized oscillating foot pad with arch-bar

5. Natural and Simple Device: TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller


There are people who are afraid of using electronic devices to solve their foot problems. If you’re such a person, this under $20 Thera Flow Dual Foot Massager Roller should be your perfect option.

TheraFlow Massage Roller is made using different traditional wood craftsmanship and the wisdom of antique foot reflexology principles. The massager is efficient in soothing tired legs and relieving various symptoms of foot ailments. It comes with a foot reflexology chart with easy to understand instructions for proper use.

The rollers are made of high-quality and durable Theaceae wood. The massager comprises of 5 ridged rollers that is sturdy and perfect for all feet sizes. It offers relief for sore feet, particularly for conditions such as neuropathy and plantar fasciitis.  Also, it is a good foot massager for diabetic patients. The rollers assist to relax your feet and promote better flow of blood and overall health.

What we loved about the foot massager

  • Maximum stimulation
  • Cheap
  • Comfortable and relaxing
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable and portable
  • No hassle guarantee
  • Durable and reliable

Potential Benefits of a Foot Massager for Diabetic Neuropathy

Many people assume the benefits of healthy legs. If you decide to take a poll of the most unappreciated parts of your body, your feet will likely rank high. Nonetheless, people with diabetic neuropathy understand the importance of a gentle massage to their overall health. It is essential to note that the foot has specific reflex points, which under stimulus can assist the body to heal itself.

Foot massages and reflexology can be an expensive practice if you go to a massage parlor. That is why you will need to buy an electric foot massager to help you practice the activity frequently. A foot massager for diabetics will help to reduce the pain and enhance the flow of blood on your feet. The following are 10 benefits of using a foot massager for diabetic patients.

10 Health Benefits of owning a Foot Massager

i) Aids to Improve Blood Circulation

A common advantage of foot massage is the capacity to enhance the flow of blood throughout your whole body. Enhanced circulation of blood converts to more effective oxygenation of cells and more speedy recovery from an injury or a workout. As you wear diabetic shoes during the day, ensure that you also have diabetic foot massager to help relax your legs after a long day in the evening.

ii) Assist Control Blood Pressure

A good foot massage will help to lower your systolic blood pressure. It helps you relax and reduces stress. Cortisol is a well-known contributor to high blood pressure and anything you can do to assist keep it under wraps benefits your blood vessel health. Foot massage helps to lower blood pressure and help your body to relax.

iii) Enhance Nerve Sensitivity

People diagnosed with diabetes or hypertension may experience complication as a result of neuropathy. Such a situation results in a loss of sensation in body parts such as arms and legs. The nerve problem is common in legs and such a situation can be managed with a massage. A proper massage assists to improve your flow of blood to the legs and restore the functions of some nerves.

iv) Reduces swollen feet

There are various reasons that can make your feet swollen such as pregnancy, high blood pressure, kidney disease, or even heart failure. A good foot massager will help to remove excess fluid pooling in your legs and ease discomfort. Anything that promotes circulation will aid to lessen the swelling of the feet. Also, a foot massage enhances circulation and improves kidney function making the salt balance in the body to remain optimal.

v) Reduces Stress and Depression

Most people may suffer from depression for one reason or the other. Depression is usually as a result of an imbalance of neurotransmitter levels, high anxiety, lack of sleep, and increased stress levels. A foot massage that is performed twice-weekly can assist to lessen the symptoms, particularly when under high stress.

vi) Enhances Energy levels

Research shows that foot massage helps to improve the functions of diverse organs. By enhancing the function of many accessory organs, the processing of food is likely to become more effective and you’ll experience a nice boost in energy as a result. Those who frequently do some massage have reported increased energy and willingness to engage in activities and exercise.

vii) Helps to Promote Sleep

Foot reflexology enhances the functioning of the nervous system. The neurotransmitters have the capacity to promote sleep and relaxation as nighttime approaches. Foot massage has also been sought out to assist control insomnia and assist to restore the normal circadian rhythm. Thus, a good massage will help to ensure that you enjoy your sleep.

viii) Quickens the healing of wounds or recovery from an injury

Massage helps to fasten recovery from an injury. It results in enhanced metabolism due to the generation of new cells faster so as to heal the wounds. Also, it enhances immunity through enhanced blood circulation that makes your body heal its wounds.

ix) Natural Pain Relief

Reflexology or zone therapy can help to treat diverse types of aches and pains such as migraines, aches, headaches, neck pain, upper and lower back aches. A good foot best massager helps to relieve pain especially if you have diabetic neuropathy. After the massage, consider wearing diabetic slippers for continuous relaxation while at home.

x) Aid with Plantar Fasciitis

There is a common foot problem that is very annoying. Plantar Fasciitis causes severe pain in the foot. If you have the foot massager, it will offer welcome relief and elimination of pain from plantar fasciitis. The relief will definitely be favorable as it will assist you to relax and have enough sleep at night.

Buyer’s Guide: Factors to consider when buying a Foot massager

A good foot massager helps to relieve foot pain and also increase the circulation of blood. If you have diabetes, it means that you will experience many foot problems making it important you keep the feet healthy. Getting foot massage from a professional will help conquer this. This may be expensive but no need to worry since there are effective foot massagers you can use at home. With this, you can save time used to occasionally visit a therapist and money spent. Proper foot massage is essential if you have diabetes in order to improve blood circulation.

5 Factors to consider:

i) Construction and durability

A good foot massager should be made from high quality materialsto give you the service you deserve. A Strong and sturdy massager is necessary to withstand your weight as well as daily use.Source of power is also important. There are electric and battery massagers therefore making it important to choose one that will best suit you.

ii) Warranty

A foot massager with a warranty assures you of the quality and time it can last.

iii) Easy to use

The features should not be complicated and should be useful for your condition. These features include control options, speed, heat setting, and cushion surface.

iv) Weight and size

The size should be right for the feet to feel comfortable. The opening must be able to accommodate various feet sizes to enable you to use it in case your feet size changes. A portable massager will be the best one to buy to enable you to carry it anywhere.

v) Therapeutic values

Apart from giving you relief and relaxation, its therapeutic values are also important. There are those that are good for soft tissues, nourishing the feet or soothing dry feet. Choose one that fits your condition.

Potential Risks of Massagers for Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

Use of heat can be dangerous in case there is lack of sensation in your feet as there is a probability that you can unintentionally burn the skin without noticing instantly. Deep or vigorous massage can also cause circulation issues, especially for people who have conditions of the circulatory structure. In case you intend to use the massager for home therapy to assist peripheral neuropathy, it is best to consult your doctor to examine the appropriateness of this option.

Foot massager precautions:

-Avoid foot massager if you are on your periods, pregnant or just had a baby

-Do not use a foot massager if your spine is curved or experiencing high fever as this may lead to blood clots.

-If you have osteoporosis then only use massager once you have consulted a professional medical provider.

-Ask your doctor first if you are allowed to use a foot massager in case you are diabetic

-Consult a doctor if you have any physical injury before using a foot massage.

What to do if your massager is not working

-Let it cooldown then restart since overheating may damage it

-Charge it while using it if it does not use a battery

-Ensure the voltage is well connected

-Follow the manual well to get it right

The type of foot massage to pick differs with different people. To get the best foot massager, go through reviews and customer feedbacks. This will enable you to obtain enough information on quality, features, and cost, hence, making it easy to choose.

Important Features of Foot Massagers

  • Electric or Self-Massaging

The electric massagers are usually available with various settings that permit you to rest and relax your foot while being massaged. Also, there are massagers that can help to improve the circulation of blood in your feet through light exercise and motion.

  • Heating

The common feature for electronic foot massagers is to provide relief and promote circulation and lessen the painful sensations in your legs and feet.

  • Oscillating or Kneading

The action of massaging can benefit and stimulate the nerves in your feet to stimulate the circulation of blood flow in the feet.

  • Applied Pressure

The pressure settings may lessen pain and can also enhance the circulation of blood flow in the feet. Pressure in certain points of the feet helps to reduce pain and makes you get the much-needed relaxation.

  • Position Design

The various massagers may work depending on the intended use. For instance, certain foot massagers may work on the entire foot, bottoms of the feet, or part of the lower eggs. Each model of foot massager permits for diverse body positioning that may be vital depending on people’s mobility and comfy standing or sitting position.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Q) Is foot massager safe to use?

Answer –Yes. A heated foot massager for diabetics is completely safe if you’re using it according to given instructions. Nonetheless, you should consult with your physician if you feel any form of discomfort or pain whilst using a foot massager to consult if you should continue with its use or not. Also, many therapists recommend a foot massaging machine for people who are 50 years and above.

Q) Is a foot massager good for diabetic neuropathy?

Answer – Yes. Deep massage can assist to stimulate the circulation of blood in your foot and aids to improve the overall health of your foot. A good massage lessens discomfort from neuropathy. The pressure assists to enhance the circulation of blood and can assist to lessen the nerve pain linked with peripheral neuropathy.

Q) Is a foot massager good for people with diabetics?

Answer – People have been asking if it is good to own get a foot massager when you’re diabetic. A lot of doctors usually suggest that people with diabetes can comfortably use a foot massager to improve blood circulation and offer your feet comfort. It will also assist to relieve stress and is a good source of relaxation.

Q) Is it okay to use a foot massager while pregnant?

Answer – Yes and No. To lessen swelling and to relax your feet, a foot massage is an ideal way to relax whilst you’re pregnant. Nonetheless, it is safe to first ask the doctor if it is okay to use a foot massager in this situation. A gentle and soft massage is safe but the use of a massaging machine is not always the best choice. It is essential to discuss with your doctor before using a foot massager to determine if it is safe to use it during pregnancy or not. You can also find the best body massager

Q) Which type of foot massager is the best?

Answer – There are various foot massagers in the market that may suit personal interest. However, before buying a foot massager, there are various factors to consider such as design, style, price, and comfort. This article has offered you reviews of best foot massagers in the market that you should consider purchasing.

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