Diabetic Slippers

Diabetic Slippers For Healthy Feet!

Why is it that the health of your feet is vital if you’re diabetic? Why do you need a diabetic shoes, socks, and slippers?

Okay! Diabetic people are at a high risk of developing a health condition called diabetic neuropathy. It is a severe disorder that is linked with diabetes that causes pain, tingling, weakness, or numbness in the feet and leg. Neuropathy is so serious that it can result into various foot complications such as amputation if not well controlled. It is important to note that if you have diabetes, it is difficult for even a small sore to heal and you have no option rather than taking care of your feet.

Thus, if you’re diabetic, you must take proper foot care so that the ailment doesn’t result to neuropathy. If you already, have neuropathy, you must take care of your feet so that the complications don’t worsen. To avoid any complication, you will need to wear diabetic slippers and shoes to relieve pain, enhance circulation, surge comfort, and protect your feet.

For this reason, this article provides an in-depth review of the best diabetic slippers on the market for both men and women. The slippers for diabetes will permit you to get through the day without having to worry about the health of your feet.

Top 5 Best Diabetic Slippers for Men

1. Best Slippers for Diabetic Neuropathy: Orthofeet Asheville Diabetic Mens Leather Slippers


There are people with painful diabetic neuropathy in both feet. These Asheville slippers for neuropathy are a perfect choice that can offer you comfort. So if you have neuropathy, ensure that you own these slippers for diabetic.

The diabetic house slippers are made of soft leather and they are well padded for exceptional support. The slippers for diabetic men have non-binding and have extra depth construction. The soft, non-binding upper with additional depth design and wide toe box eradicates pressure on hammertoes and bunions.

The interior is constructed with a soft and seam-free interior lining that is padded with foam that eradicates pressure points and provides superior comfy and shield for sensitive feet and for those suffering neuropathy, diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis.

These best slippers for diabetic patients offer orthotic support. They are lightweight and easy to use in the house and in the garden. Definitely worth the price!

What we loved about these diabetic slippers

  • Leather construction
  • Orthotic support
  • Soft and seam-free interior lining
  • Extra depth construction

2. Best Diabetic Sippers for Swollen Feet: MEJORMEN Men’s Swollen Feet Slippers for Diabetic


MEJORMEN diabetic slippers is a perfect choice for people with swollen feet. It has tons of features that make you comfortable wearing them even when you have swollen feet.

The shoe is easy to put on and take off. It is made with hook-and-loop closures that are easy to adjust so that your swollen feet can be comfortable. The soles are thick and sturdy to ensure you don’t get any injury. Also, the rubber sole offers grip as you walk to ensure that you don’t slip or fall off.

To offer your feet and leg comfort, you need a shoe with generous heal-to-toe padding for walking support and lasting cushioning. Additionally, the extra wide width adjustable slippers are durable and easy to maintain as you can wash them with a machine without the slippers wear out.

What we loved about these diabetic slippers

  • Hook-and-loop closure
  • Heel-to-toe padding
  • Skid/slip resistant
  • Extra wide width
  • High-quality construction

3. Cheap Diabetic Slippers: Zigzagger Men’s Slippers


If you’re looking for diabetic slippers that are cheap and comfy, then buy this amazing Zigzagger Diabetic Slippers. This best diabetic slipper is also favorable for people with severe foot and ankle injury and requires a high level of comfort.

Zigzagger slippers for diabetics are made of warm lining and memory foam. It is padded with memory foam that is of high-density that enhances comfort and makes you feel like you’re walking on some soft cloud.

The best slippers for diabetics are made of versatile rubber sole that are durable and slip resistant. The slip-resistant sole makes them perfect for both indoor and outdoor events as they help you to avoid potential falls and slips.

The men’s diabetic slippers are easy to slip on and remove. They’re machine washable and easy to remove stains and dirt without losing its form even after numerous washes. Additionally, the casual moccasin slippers are good looking with a manual craftsmanship whipstitch that adds the classic designs to this custom fit wear.

What we loved about these diabetic slippers

  • Warm lining and comfortable memory foam  
  • Slip-resistant rubber sole
  • Different styles and color options
  • Easy to wear and maintain
  • Classic design
  • Cheap

4. Best Diabetic Slippers for Elderly: BIZAR Men’s Memory Foam Slippers for Diabetic


If you got a loved one who is diabetic, consider buying these slippers for people with diabetes. There are many people who have bought the slippers for their elderly fathers who have issues with their feet and they have been of great help. They are also ideal gifts for husband, boyfriend, son, daddy or any person who got sensitive legs that require comfort.

The mens diabetic slippers wide width fits even those very wide feet. Your dad needs slippers that are easy to slip-on and remove to avoid any activity that may make him to strain. It has a comfy hook-and-loop strap that can be adjusted to fit any size of legs. Additionally, they will enjoy the high density memory foam for enhanced comfy.

To ensure that you do not fall, it is made of non-slip rubber shoes. The sturdy ultra soft rubber sole offers nonskid traction for outdoor and indoor versatility. Thus, you cannot slide or fall while undertaking in-house or outdoor activities.

What we loved about these diabetic slippers

  • Nonslip and sturdy cushioning rubber sole
  • High-density memory foam cushions
  • Orthopedic modifiable straps

5. Best Men’s diabetic slippers wide width: Foamtreads Men’s Extra-Depth Wool Slippers


If you require wide diabetic slippers for your foot, then you are covered with this amazing brand. There is no need to worry as the Foamtreads diabetic slippers offer the best solution for wide feet.

They wide slippers for diabetics are made of authentic wool uppers that ensure your feet are warm and comfortable on cool evenings. It has hook-and-loop closures that allow a customized fit. The diabetic slippers extra wide are easy to wear and remove making it effective for use even by the elderly.

For lasting shock absorption and lasting cushioning, the slippers have generous heel-to-toe padding.  The material that makes this extra wide diabetic slippers protect them against odor, deterioration from bacteria, and staining. The outsoles are non-marking ensuring that you don’t destroy your wooden floors.

What we loved about these diabetic slippers

  • Generous heel-to-toe padding
  • Non-marking rubber sole
  • Extra width and depth
  • Hook-and-loop closure

Top 5 Best Diabetic Slippers for Women

1. Best Slippers for Diabetic Neuropathy: Orthofeet Charlotte Diabetic Slippers.


Orthofeet Charlotte is the best ladies neuropathy slippers on the market today. It is created to provide the best solution for foot pain and neuropathy. So, if you want comfortable diabetic neuropathy slippers, this is the perfect pair to purchase.

These best women’s slippers for neuropathy provide anatomical arch support and utmost shield against pressure points. The finest orthotic insole softens your step enhancing stability and smooths the progress of your steps. Therefore, you’re able to feel comfortable while you’re walking even if you’re experiencing some foot pain.

The slippers have a sturdy construction of soft leather that makes it durable. It has a deep and wide toe box that permits your foot to have maximum relaxation and spread out naturally for additional comfort.

Why these slippers?

  • Leather construction
  • Orthotic support
  • Additional depth design
  • Wide toe box

2. Best Diabetic Slippers Elderly: Womens Extra Wide Fitting Diabetic Orthopaedic Slippers


If you’re shopping for the best diabetic slippers elderly for your loved one or yourself, then this is the best option for you. These adjustable slippers for elderly are perfect for any mother who loves bright and elegant designs.

This diabetic slippers womens have specifically been constructed with comfort in mind. They’ve Velcro strap fastening that assists to adjust your slippers to your level of comfy. The comfortable slippers for elderly can also be used by the sick, the elderly, or those injured.

These womens diabetic slippers have a solid yet stretchy sole for shock absorption. I would recommend that you wear this wide slippers for elderly while in the house and not for use on wet ground.

Why these slippers

  • Velcro fastening for comfy wear
  • Synthetic solid sole for cushioning
  • Elegant design
  • Made for orthopedics

3. Cheap Diabetes Slippers for Women: LongBay Women’s Furry Memory Foam Diabetic Slippers


After a long day of hard work, you must be longing to slip into slippers that are more comfortable at home. The LongBay slippers are not only elegantly designed, but they’re well-priced to ensure that every woman can get quality slippers at affordable prices.

The ladies diabetic slippers are made of soft wool-like weaved upper for extra comfort. It has a exceptional hook and loop closure for modifiable comfort that is perfect for swollen, tire feet and enhanced stability. The user can easily slip-on the shoes and go on with their chores with particular ease.

LongBay women’s diabetic slippers has a high density 70D memory foam for improved cushioning of your feet for every step that you take. It has supportive insole that ensures that your foot relaxes your arch and soothes common foot pains from all-day standing or walking.

The best slippers for diabetes have a non-skid rubber sole. They’re sturdy and offer non-slip grip ensuring that you don’t fall while walking in the house or in your garden. Thus, you can wear the slippers even when you’re stepping outside the house to check the mailbox without switching shoes.

Why these slippers?

  • Cheap and elegantly designed
  • Sturdy orthotic construction
  • Hook-and-loop closure
  • Non-slip rubber sole
  • Supportive soles

4. Best Women’s Diabetic Slippers for Swollen Feet: Women’s Diabetic & Edema Slippers Swollen Feet


Its true women typically have difficulty finding best slippers for swollen feet. Nonetheless, these slippers are made with all the features that help to solve all your troubles. They’re well constructed with an interesting design making them look elegant.

The last thing a person with swollen feet would love to experience is the difficulty of wearing on her swollen feet. The shoe is made with a Velcro closure that makes it easy to put on and remove. Also, the straps on the back and the top of the heel are highly adjustable making it comfortable to wear even with a bandaged feet.

Good diabetic slippers for swollen feet should have an extra-depth design and wide toe box eradicates pressure on hammer toes and bunions. The slippers have soft and seam free lining that is padded with foam to guarantee comfort.

Why this slippers

  • Elegant design
  • Velcro closure
  • Skid resistance rubber sole
  • Extra-depth and wide design

5. Best Diabetic House Slippers for Ladies: HomeIdeas Women’s Anti-Slip House Slippers


Are you looking for slippers made specifically for house use? What do you look for while purchasing house slippers? They need to be comfortable and anti-slip. The HomeIdeas slippers are soft, warm, and comfy giving you all the relaxation that you need when you’re at home. They’re cheap and you can buy the slippers under $200.

The best house slippers are made of a layer of 5 mm elevated elasticity sponge and 5mm memory foam for extra comfy. The shoes are elegantly made with woolen fabric that is not only comfy but also ensures that your foot stays dry and odorless. The slippers offer a high level of aeration to keep the feet fresh.

It has perfect cushioning with a 4mm EVA cushions and a layer of 7mm elevated stretchy sponge heel. Thus, your foot is protected from any form of injury by giving enough it enough support and lessens foot stress. The anti-slip sole ensures that you don’t fall while walking. Also, the soles don’t leave any scratch marks on the floor or make noise while you’re walking.

Why these slippers?

  • Cheap
  • Comfortable
  • Anti-slip soles
  • Noiseless
  • Easy maintenance

Benefits of Wearing Diabetic Slippers

a. Improves blood flow

Wearing recommended diabetic slippers help to improve blood flow to their feet and legs. The flow of blood to the feet will lessen the risk injuries and skin irritations. Thus, diabetic slippers for diabetic feet offer a full shield for injury. Also, you can use a foot massager for neuropathy for enhanced blood circulation.

b. Offers Comfort and Lessen Strain

The diabetic shoes and slippers with arch and metatarsal support that offers comfort and lessen strain on the legs and feet. The slippers for diabetic neuropathy are made with certain breathable fabric s that keep your feet dry while you remain warm and nice. Thus, you can be assured of comfort while on the house or on the garden.

c. Provide Protection from ulcers and Infection

As you are aware, diabetics are prone to infections and ulcers. Thus, they need to keep their feet protected always by wearing best slippers for diabetics or shoes to keep them protected. They are made of material that does not allow growth of bacteria that later lead to infection. By doing so, it lessen the negative consequences of diabetes on the feet.

d. Offers Comfortable Finger Zone

The seamless slippers for diabetics are made to offer sufficient room around the toe area. The slippers ensures that your toes are comfy have space to relax.

Essential Tips for Buying the Best Diabetic Slippers

i) Material

The material that makes the slippers needs to be breathable. The last thing you need as a diabetic is slippers that stores the heat and make you to sweat. Cotton-like materials are the best as they let any additional heat to breathe out and sustain a suitable temperature within the slippers.

ii) Sole

The best sole for diabetic slippers should be sturdy, not slippery, and skid-resistant. Thick soles are more durable and they also cushion your feet as you walk. However, the sole should be made of a lightweight material such as rubber so that you do not feel like you are carrying a brick under your feet. Also, the sole should not be slippery so that you do not slide or fall while walking.

iii) Inner Sole

The inner sole should be made of a memory-foam so that it is dependable and also ensure that it keeps an ergonomic shape as long as possible. The feature is important as it makes you feel like the diabetic slippers had been custom made. Also, the insole should be anti-bacterial to ensure that there is a bacterial free environment for your feet. Additional, antibacterial insoles assist to reduce or avoid any buildup of inconvenient odors.

iv) Width

Slippers for diabetic feet should match the size of your feet. A lot of people make a mistake by selecting extra wide diabetic shoes or slippers hoping that their feet are safe and free from damage. The best thing to do is to avoid the bait and select slippers with cotton pads.  Slippers for diabetic neuropathy are supposed to support your foot. Thus, you need to buy slippers with adjustable features such as hook-and-loop that can adjust to the needs of your legs.

v) Box

The model of your slippers is what is referred to as a box. It can be low-cut, tight, loose, large, long, or high cut. The perfect way to get a good match is to ensure that your toes do not touch the front of the shoe and the side toes have little room to wiggle.

Who is At Risk for Diabetes?

– Family History

Genetics is a major cause of diabetes and if you have a sibling or parent who has diabetes.

– Overweight or Obesity

Research shows that obesity is a contribution to type 2 diabetes. Thus, the rise in obesity among American U.S. children has contributed to the rise of type 2 diabetes.

– Ethnic Background

Diabetes usually occurs frequently in African-Americans, Latino/Hispanic Americans, Asian-Americans, Pacific Islanders, Native Americans, and Alaska natives.

– Sedentary Lifestyle

There are people who do not exercise well and consume healthy food. It is important that you exercise more than three times a week to keep fit and eat healthy food.

– Age

If you are over 45 years of age and overweight, you may be at a risk of developing diabetes.

– Gestational Diabetes

In case you had diabetes whilst you are pregnant/gestational diabetes. It raises your chances of developing type 2 diabetes later on in life.


Due to health reasons that we quoted in our introduction, you need to take care of your foot. One way to do that is to buy a pair of diabetic house slippers. Diabetic slippers assist you to be at ease while you are at home or in the garden. They can also help someone who has just undergone surgery or is wheel-chair bound. The article offers a list of best slippers for men and women available on the market. It is vital that you look closely to ensure that the slippers that you buy suit your need best.

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