Can a Diabetic Use a Foot Spa?


Yes, a diabetic can efficiently use a foot spa. Nonetheless, they need to take a lot of safety measures. But how do you ensure that is done effective?

However, before trying any foot spa, check with your doctor to ensure its safe and okay to have one. It is crucial to understand the diabetic feet challenge that you’re facing that necessitates some massage. Majorly, you may be having diabetic neuropathy and poor circulation that may necessitate your drive for some foot massage.

i.Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetic neuropathy is a form of nerve damage that is exceptional among diabetics. Having high blood glucose levels in your blood can destroy nerves particularly in your feet and legs. Neuropathy can result to numbness, pain, and a tingling sensation in your feet.

The numbness, tingling and loss of sensation can make you not instantly feel minor burns or cuts in your feet. Neuropathy can cause to more stern complications such as poor blood circulation. Today, most people use best foot massager for peripheral neuropathy to enhance circulation but also a foot spa can work.

ii.Poor Blood Circulation

High blood sugar ensures that the blood constancy is more thick and sticky. This results to poor circulation of blood particularly in the lower extremities.

When blood becomes thicker, it delays healing of wounds in far-flung part of the body as they’re sufficiently supplied with healthy oxygenated blood. The tissue that surrounds the wound can die as a result of lack of enough blood supply. The wound becomes gangrenous and black.

Also, high sugar levels in your blood also surges the risk of wound infection. The thick and sweet consistency of the blood is perfect for growth of bacteria. Thus, with poor circulation, your body can have weaker immunity to battle infections.

How to Make Foot Spas for Diabetics

After a tiring day of walking and working, don’t let diabetics to stop you from enjoying a foot spa. Nonetheless, there are ways that you need to exercise care. Here are methods of ensuring that the process is safe:

Carefully regulate the water temperature

Start by ensuring that the water temperature is warm and not too hot due to neuropathy. If it is too hot, you will harm your feet and they may never recover. Also, your feet may not be able to feel any hotness or coolness due to diabetic neuropathy

To test the temperature, you can use the inner part of your forearm near the elbow because it is more sensitive to water temperature. In addition, you can ask another person to help regulate the temperature of your foot spa water.

Don’t soak your feet for too long

As you immense your feet on water, you should ensure that you don’t soak the feet for too long. In fact, the recommended time is 20 minutes or less. If you soak for too long, your feet will be drier and that can cause skin breakdowns and cracks. Also, sloughs can fall off loose and result to tiny breaks in your skin.

For your Foot Soak, you should use Mild Products

You can use herbs for the soak but I would recommend that you go easy with baking soda an Epsom. Utilize half the recommended quantity for your foot spa unit. Don’t use any synthetic chemicals like aroma scents that can result to irritation.

Avoid Scrubbing: Don’t utilize Pumice Stones or Foot Scrubs

There people who like to scrub away the calluses in their feet. If you happen to be diabetic, please don’t try scrubbing your foot. Foot scrubs will make your skin rawer and thinner and can result to breakdowns and inflammation.

Always moisturize your feet after the foot spa

Foot spas leave your skin dry and that is why you need to moisturize your legs. It is a great choice to massage your feet with a diabetic foot lotion of your choice. Apply a thin quantity between your toes and ensure that the diabetic lotion have been well absorbed by the skin before you wear diabetic socks.

Regular Care of your Feet

It is not enough to have a foot spa or massage if you can’t take care of your feet. Ensure that you take proper care of your feet to avoid complications.

What to do if you’re going for a pedicure?

Knowing when to reschedule the pedicure

If you presently have any cuts, infections, or open sores on your feet, toenails, or legs, just call it off. Having a foot spa or pedicure with such foot problems makes you even more vulnerable to challenges. Instead, visit a podiatrist who will help to take care of your feet and recover from your present situation.

Don’t shave your legs a day or two before having your pedicure

Shaving of your legs can leave tiny nicks your skin. Sometimes they can be so small that you may not see them. Such cut exposes you to infection. Thus, you can shave after the foot massage.

Sanitation should come first

If you’re having a foot spa in a salon, ensure that it is clean and practices flawless sanitation. Inform the administrator that you’ve diabetes can ask about their sterilization process.  Proper sanitation will help you to avoid contaminating any germs from the foot spa.

A reputable salon will have no problem showing you how they operate. The foot baths should be cleaned and disinfected after every client. The clippers and other tools should be sanitized in a surgical autoclave or disinfected solution. For things like nail kit, you can invest in your kit.

Make Morning Appointment

Insist on having morning appointments so that you’re one of the first clients. So, if you can schedule your appointment early the better.

Notify the technician know of your diabetes situation before the start of the process

Ask your technician to be very tender and avoid exercising anything that can injure or scratch your skin. Don’t hesitate to speak up any time you feel the technician is not doing the right thing – your health is essential.

Keep the technician informed of defensive practice

Ask the practitioner not to cut the nails too short as this can motivate ingrown toenails and cause infections. They should ensure that the edges of the toenail are not sharp. After cutting the nails, they should file them.

Skip any Pedicure Service the can injure your feet

Never permit a technician to cut your cuticles or utile any sharp instruments under your toenails or on your skin. Also, never allow scrubbing of your feet that can easily result to tear of the skin.

Note: – After you finish your pedicure, check on your legs and feet for any signals of infection or redness. If you observe anything strange, call your physician right away.

Final Thought

We know that foot spa’s helps to relax. But for diabetics, it does more than just relaxation. A foot spa helps to improve circulation around your feet. Also, it will lessen foot pain and ensure that you feel perfectly well. At home, ensure that you wear diabetic slippers and follow other important foot care tips that keep your foot safe. Make sure that you follow every instruction that we have offered. Importantly, consult with your physician or specialist to see if it suits you.